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annual maintenance contract

We are providing all in one service amc in which you can take the annual maintenance for time and can enjoy that service for a year without any inconvienience. AMC is for all services. Charges are low in case of AMC. We highly recommend you to take AMC service and enjoy for year. For more details about AMC Services Scroll down to Note Part.

Please Note:

Servicing:- 3 free servicing 2 free visits in case of a breakdown Each Servicing comprises of cleaning of trays, air blowing, chemical cleaning of total interior, chock ups removal and health check up of all parts of the refrigerator.

2 free servicing 2 free visits in case of a breakdown Servicing: Blower cleaning, chemical cleaning, cleaning of the revolving plate,and health check of all the components in the oven.

2 burner cooktop: Rs 500 3 burner cooktop: Rs 750 4 burner cooktop: Rs 850 5 burner cooktop: Rs 1000 3 servicing in a year Servicing: Anti clogging cleanup of the burners for right flame, removal of chock-ups, gas pipe check up and knobs checkup.

3 servicing in a year 2 dry servicing : Dry cleaning of filters and blower cleaning inside the conditioner. 1 wet servicing : Cleaning of filters, wet cleaning of outdoor unit and chemical servicing. This servicing gives you bacteria free cool breeze thus keeping the room air healthy and with no musty smell. 2 free visits in case of a breakdown.

1 chemical wash drum clean servicing 2 free visits in case of a breakdown Servicing :- full drum cleaning by chemical to save your clothes from damage which can happen if silt is accumulated inside the drum and also cause allergies or dirt stains.

3 servicing in a year Servicing:- cleaning of burners, connecting pipe, electric connection checkup, gas connection checkup.

1 servicing: cleaning of water purifier and candles for pure water. 1 time candle change: candle change is necessary as the pores of the candles get clogged due to suspended impurities in the water. Changing them is essential for getting purified water continuously.

2 servicing: Distilled water refilling (in some cases acid check is also needed ) to keep your batteries healthy and in good working condition. 2 free visits in case of a breakdown.

4 servicing: cleaning of water cooler from inside to get fresh and clean water health checkup,checking of taps and ball. 2 free visits in case of a breakdown.

3 servicing : Removal of sediments and health checkup of dispenser. 2 free visits in case of a breakdown.

1 Full servicing : Needs removal of chimney from the place of installation, as total cleaning of chimney from inside and outside has to be done for total oil removal, if not done periodically chances are the oil which has deposited in the chimney could drip into the food being prepared below. Motor oiling,cleaning of filters is also done. 2 Filters clean up: cleaning of filters to remove deposited oil.

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